Our ‘Q-CDD’

Quality Choice, Decision, and Discipline

When we first make the Choice, the Decision and take the Discipline to not only recognize the need, make the decision to improve our services we offer in our expertise, we will then not only take the necessary steps but once we receive them, we will put those steps in place and make the process part of our weekly and daily routine until we see our desired results.

Our partnership with Invoice Sherpa one of the leading A/R Platform in automating your accounts receivables to get paid faster and increase your cash flow.(statement directly from vendor website)

And more importantly, with our commitment to our services and our customers along we stand firmly by you every step of the way to see you succeed.

Account Receivables are established once you invoice your services and goods to your customers for payment to your business.  They are also converted into cash with a period normally of “due upon receipt”, or 30 to 60 days due date.

Once you have completed your contract or agreement you expect to receive your agreed upon fees for your expertise. Let us be clear this is not a hobby for you or charitable service you are providing, this is your business that you want to sustain.

With proper procedures, systems, and our expertise we can help assist you in making this process seamless and profitable.

First and foremost, we as a third party will help separate this business function so that you as the business owner can concentrate more on building and operating your business.  This will give you the much-needed freedom when engaging your clients in completing the business at hand and help alleviate any added pressure. That is what we are here for.

We can help assist you in establishing or updating your current accounts receivable processing to include interfacing your accounting systems to one platform that provides daily and weekly review of your cash flow position.

To start in improving your DSO (Days of Sales Outstanding), this is how long it takes a company to collect on their invoices, our goal is to help you reduce this time and quickly collect payments.

Quality will help to assess your customer’s ability to pay invoices on time by using online cloud base system Invoice Sherpa and analysis.  We will be able to automate your client base and interact directly with your customers once you invoice them.  After you have provided invoice, we will be able to review and send payment reminders, setup installment payment agreements if needed.

Our major area would be in making sure to collect payments within a timely manner to ensure better cash flow to your business and to help assist in further continuing great customer service and communication to build great customer relations.

Customers and timely payments are the “Financial Life-Line” of any business operations.

Cash Flow as you know is more important now than ever with our ever-changing economic environment.  The sooner you can receive payment the sooner you are able to establish and make vital decisions that can be made in real-time for your business on a weekly basis and in estimating projection.

With our over 26-year experience in Accounting and Finance Departments in private and corporate business’s I have also in that time help provide Accounts Receivable customer information that help in collecting $260K over 180 days past due invoices, eliminating a significant backlog and increasing bottom line of profitability.